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Gustafson Roofing is the team of roofing contractors you need to get the job done right through quality services and excellent customer service. Our team of highly-skilled contractors can help you with any roofing west palm beach services you may need. We offer a wide variety of roof construction and repairs and roof maintenance on any home, whether you have a small house or a large estate. We pride ourselves on being able to provide diverse services like attic insulation to increase energy efficiency and skylight installation and repairs. Not all roofing companies are the same. As an expert commercial roofing company, we are able to work with all roofing materials including tile, shingles, and metal. We have been providing quality work in the South Florida area for over sixty years and continue to be innovators in roofing. The pride we have in the quality of work we provide sets us apart and allows us to be confident enough to guarantee the quality of the roofing repairs and roof replacements work we provide for our clients. Some of our services that make us one of the leading South Florida roofing companies are our emergency roofing services and Roof Life Maintenance Program. Gustafson Roofing is also one of the few companies in South Florida approved to install Hydro-sheen roof tile glazing. Our years of experience and expertise make us the roofing company to beat!

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Signs of Roof RepairSigns You Need Roof Repair

You may need roof repair if you are experiencing a leak, notice mold in your home, or are missing shingles. There are some key signs that your roof may need to be repaired, especially if you live in a coastal area, and we want to make sure you know what to look out for. The need for roofing repair is not always obvious. Sometimes there are signs that may go unnoticed, like unusual wear and tear on exterior paint or even mold or water damage leaving stains on the inside of the home. On the outside, if you are missing shingles or notice shingles are damaged by water, debris, or are cracked, it may be time to look into getting your roof fixed as this can lead to worsened problems. If you begin to notice things like excess light in your attic or unexplained increases in electricity bills, roofing damage is often the culprit. Keep your eyes out to make sure you catch roofing damage before it becomes harder to manage.

Roof Life Maintenance

Our Roof Life Maintenance Program allows customers to know about potential roofing issues before they become severe. The three program elements are called Annual Roofing Maintenance Inspection (ARMI), Gusta-Cide, and HurricaneReadiness. This program allows for an annual roofing inspections, hurricane preparedness roofing inspections, and even mold and algae roofing treatment to keep your roof in top shape. Our Roof Life Maintenance Program can add years to the lifespan of your roof and remove the worry from keeping up with your roof maintenance on your own time. Keeping your roof in good condition is not only good for your personal finances and peace of mind, but can improve the resale value of your home. The Roof Life Maintenance Program is an invaluable investment.

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We have been serving South Floridian for almost 65 years. Our growing base of over 60,000 satisfied customers know that Gustafson Roofing is timely, trustable, and professional. If you have any questions or would like to meet with a contractor for a free estimate, please call us today!

Why Hire a West Palm Beach Roof Repair Specialist?

You may be tempted to carry out some DIY roof repair or install a new roof but here are some reasons why you shouldn’t:

Expertise and Experience

You may have watched tons of youtube videos about repairing roofs but that is nowhere close to all the expertise, training and experience that we have gathered over the years. We have worked with countless West Palm Beach FL roofs and conquered all sorts of challenges, which have all served to make us even more skillful in what we do.

We also have the experience and expertise, along with a keen eye for detail, to know what exactly to look out for. Often, professionals can spot issues that aren’t obvious to homeowners.

Roof repair or installing a new roof is no minor DIY project – it’s complicated and dangerous so leave it in the hands of experts.


As roofing contractors, we have all the right equipment and tools to help us carry out the job. It’s not safe and certainly not recommended for anyone to just put a ladder against the house and climb up to such a height. In fact, roof repair accidents from falling are quite common.

Other safety risks include holes in the roof, unstable roof, falling off a steep pitch and a slippery roof from snow or other weather elements.

We have the protective gear we need and the exact knowledge about where or what to inspect or repair so don’t endanger yourself and let us handle the task instead.

Results That Last

Even if you can figure out a quick fix, it’s often only temporary. As professionals, our work is focused on quality and effectiveness and we make sure your roof is given a proper fix that will last. We back up our work with a warranty so you know that if any issue crops up, we’ll come back to have a look for you.

Save Time

Doing research on such a complicated project takes a lot of time. You’ll have to spend hours learning everything and understanding the different components of your roof.

Even worse, you might not succeed in fixing your roof after all those hours of research and learning. Often, people end up just calling in a roofing contractor anyway but bear in mind that it’s possible to have made the problem worse by then.

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