Financing Bucks

Roofers MemberDoes your roof or paint project have you feeling stressed due to your current financial position? There is no need to put off your roof or paint plans. We offer convenient financing for your roof or paint project.

Gustafson now provides up to $15,000 in financing, and it is easier than ever to obtain.


1. Financing applies to ANY GI Project

2.NO HOME EQUITY is required to qualify – only a decent credit score and proven ability to pay (This is unique to Gustafson).

Simply complete the form on this page and Gustafson will get you started toward a new roof, roof repair, or painting project. Anything Gustafson Industries will price, we will finance!

4 EASY STEPS: Once Approved, check(s) will be mailed to your address.

  1. frsa logoComplete the web form
  2. Obtain a GIRoofers or GIPainters project estimate from Gustafson Industries
  3. Complete the FRSA CU Loan Application HERE and provide the estimate given to you by Gustafson Industries in step 2
  4. Approval will be given within 24 hours as long as these 4 items are completed:
  • Completed Application
  • GI Estimate
  • $25 Credit Report Fee*
  • Two most recent pay stubs
    (if retired, a letter from Social Security or other Retirement Fund with monthly payment must be provided)

*$25 applied only if credit is rejected. (All approved recipients will have the $25 deposited to new CU account).

Finance Approved
Once approved the FRSA will provides check(s) to your address. Checks are payable to (both) you, the Home Owner, & GIRoofers for payments as indicated in the GI contract.

Financing Request Form

To get a loan fill out this form. Please complete all required fields and we’ll call you right away.

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