Shingle roofs are popular among many Florida homeowners for their superiority over other roofing materials. With a wide range of roofing materials to choose from, though, you might be wondering just how shingle roofing is superior. Here are some of the reasons why more homeowners are choosing the best shingle roofing in recent years:

How Are Shingle Roofs Superior?


Your home’s roofing is a significant investment, so durability is a crucial factor. Thankfully, shingle roofing is well known to be durable due to its materials. Most shingle roofing is constructed from asphalt, a strong material that is made to stand up to harsh climates, including hail, wind, and rain. These shingles are also often coated with granules, which act as additional protection against weather elements. Overall, shingle roofs are made to be durable and robust. So when you choose shingle roofing, you can rest assured that you’ll get a few decades of good protection out of it. 


With shingle roofing, you can choose many styles and colors that can help to enhance your roof’s energy efficiency. Shingles tend to reflect light and heat well, meaning that they can regulate your roof’s temperatures well. In warmer weather, shingle roofing can help keep your house cooler, reducing energy costs.


Shingle roofing is often not as costly as metal, tile, or other types of roofs. It also helps that they are easier to install than other roofing materials, keeping labor costs low and making them cost-effective.

Of course, the cost of your shingle roof still depends on how big it is, the type of shingles you choose, how long the installation will take, and how complicated it will be. With various types of shingles on the market, it’s good to know that asphalt shingles are the cheapest. As expected, the better grade of shingle you choose, the more costly it will be. For example, dimensional shingles, which are thicker and of higher quality, tend to cost more. 

Easy to Install

As mentioned, the fact that shingle roofing is easy to install helps to keep its cost low. Shingle installation doesn’t require any specialized skill, and most contractors have experience with them and know just how to install them. With other roofing materials like metal, special equipment is often needed, which increases labor costs.


Some roof materials come in standard colors and have limited styles to choose from. In contrast, shingle roofing comes in a wide variety of colors, styles, and textures, so homeowners can easily find one that fits in with their home’s design. 

For example, architectural shingles feature a textured look, giving your roof a more three-dimensional look. You can also choose luxury shingles that resemble other roof materials, such as slate or wood. This way, you can achieve a wood roofing aesthetic while still enjoying the benefits of a shingle roof. Last but not least, wood shingles are a great option if you’re going for a rustic aesthetic.

Easy to Maintain

Shingle roofing is superior for its easy maintenance. No homeowner wants to pay high prices for a roof that still needs a lot of maintenance and money spent on it through the years. Fortunately, shingle roofing is quite easy to maintain and requires little upkeep. If any repairs are needed, it’s also cheaper and easier to repair compared to other roof materials. Any individual damaged or missing shingles can be easily replaced, unlike metal roofs that require entire sections to be replaced. 

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Shingle roofing has a wide array of benefits over other roofing materials, so it’s no wonder many homeowners choose it. Besides being cost-effective and great at withstanding Florida’s harsh weather and strong winds, shingle roofing is also easy to maintain, versatile, and energy-efficient, making them an excellent option for homeowners. If you’re considering shingle roofs and want to know more about them, don’t hesitate to call our team today!

Michael Gustafson

Michael Gustafson

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