Fall Season and Your Roof

If you are a homeowner there is going to be a time when you start to think about replacing the roof on your home.  Typically, one of the first things that is replaced before a home is sold, the roof can last for up to 15 years with few issues, but after that, you could be looking at the daunting task of replacing it.  Depending on the type of roof, the process can be quite simple, even one that a normal homeowner can complete on their own.  If the roof is more complex in design and does not have traditional shingles on it, you might be forced to hire a contractor that is familiar with the process needed to replace your roof.  Either way, before you even get that far, it is wise to make sure you are watching your roof for damage and other things that can reduce the life of your roof.

Each Spring and Fall are two goods times to make sure you get a good look at what is happening on your roof.  In the spring you can have debris from the winter season on your roof and in the gutters that should be cleaned out before the rain starts to fall.  The same goes for the fall season inspection.  Take this time to look at the shingles to make sure there aren’t any missing or broken.  Even one shingle that is missing can cause water to get into your home and then you are going to be faced with a different type of problem in the long run.  Many times your roof might not be looked at because it is not at eye level, bu dirt, leaves, pine needles and broken twigs can all be problems if they are not cleared away right away.

Check the flashing anything that is coming through the roof like chimneys or other vents for areas that might allow water into your attic.  Cleaning out your gutters and making sure they flow properly is a good way to keep rain and melting snow and ice from causing problems throughout the year.  If, over time debris builds up on the roof, causing damage to shingles the roof will need to be replaced even sooner.  Many times when a roof is in need of replacement, the fall time is when it is planned if possible.  There might be times that a roof is in need of repair sooner than that and you are left with doing it in the heat of the summer.  Keeping up on regular maintenance is a good way to ensure that you can plan when the roof will be replaced compared to something that becomes an emergency.

The reason that fall is the best time to replace your roof starts with the shingles.  When shingles are installed they need time to seal to create a water and airtight barrier that is hopefully going to stand up to the weather that you face in your area of the country.  If you live in a place where winters are especially long and cold, your roof might endure more than someone that lives in an area that has mild winters each year.  Living in a place where hurricanes happen often times requires a different type of roofing material, but the maintenance is generally the same.  Basically, if there is something on the roof that is not a shingle or roofing material is should be noted and removed as soon as possible.  The fall time is also a good time to trim trees or other shrubs that might be getting too close to shingles.

While trees swing in the wind, they can rub on shingles causing damage to them and requiring your attention sooner than normal.  Although it is easy to replace one shingle, it is something that is not recommended so removing what might cause damage is easier.  If you have to replace your roof, it is not wise to assume you can make it through one more winter.  Small problems, holes, missing shingles can cause major issues if left unattended even a few more months.  Keep an eye on your roof so that if it should need to be replaced, it can be planned at the best time.

Michael Gustafson

Michael Gustafson

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