Our Rooflife Maintenance Program

Maintain the integrity of your roof while improving its resale value.

Roof Before and AfterLike any other valuable asset, a well-maintained roof will add years to its life. That’s why we created RoofLife Maintenance, a program for discriminating, busy homeowners like you. Our goal is to help keep minor roof problems from becoming major issues; to ensure we prioritize your property after hurricanes; and to keep it looking beautiful while extending its life.

RoofLife Program elements:

  1. Annual Roof Maintenance Inspection (ARMI) – a roof report with pictures, diagrams, notes & recommendations to extend its life.
  2. Gusta-Cide – algae inhibitor & roof treatment to protect your roof, walkway and patio areas from biological growths
  3. HurricaneReadiness – automatic post-hurricane priority scheduling to assess any roof damage

Become a RoofLife Member and get DISCOUNTS on ROOF REPAIRS and ROOF MAINTENANCE

RoofLife members deserve more benefits!

Become a RoofLife Member and get DISCOUNTS on ROOF REPAIRS and ROOF MAINTENANCE

RoofLife members deserve more benefits!


Solve small problems before they become big headaches

Annual Roof Maintenance InspectionWe begin with an Annual Roof Maintenance Inspection of your roof. We inspect the tiles or shingles, any skylights, chimneys, plumbing stacks, and attic vents. FREE repair for up to 10 tiles. After we clear away all debris from the crickets & eaves, downspouts, drains & gutters, we’ll walk the perimeter to note the condition of your flashing, wood fascia and soffits. The ARMI Report is completed and any notes, diagrams, and at least 6 pictures are added. All this is kept in your RoofLife file.

If we detect any necessary repairs, we’ll provide you with a FREE, no-obligation Repair Estimate on the spot.

Protect the integrity & life of your roof.

Your RoofLife ARMI Report includes notes and pictures that can be useful for insurance claims and real estate valuation purposes.


  • Protects your investment by preventing major problems
  • Deters expensive roof repair
  • Eliminates surprises and unanticipated repairs
  • Provides immediate access to a Roof Inspector
  • Maintains an active digital file of your roof’s history and health
  • Prevents interior damages from leaking roofs or un-examined roof-mounted air-conditioning equipment.

Gusta – Cide:

Be the pride of your neighborhood! Cleans and shields roofs, driveways, patios and decks.
Gust a cideGusta-Cide is a low-pressure application of a mildecide solution that simultaneously clears off fungus and maintains the beauty of your roof. When applied to a clean roof it will be protected for approximately one year. This algae and biological growth-inhibitor will keep your roof looking tip-top.


  • Can be used on a wide variety of surfaces – roof tiles, shingles, pavers, walkways, pool decks, & driveways
  • Keep your roof clean without destructive high-pressure cleanings
  • Three times less expensive—and more effective—than pressure cleaning

Hurricane Readiness:

Leave the worry to us. Be prepared by joining GI Roofers’ Hurricane Readiness program

Storm Warning BoardWhen it comes to Hurricanes in South Florida, it’s a matter of WHEN, not IF. After a Hurricane, you might be without power. Be prepared. GI Roofers will automaticallydispatch a Roof Technician to inspect your roof for any damage. If you need it, we’ll provide an estimate on the spot.


  • Priority scheduling in the event of an emergency
  • No phone call necessary – technician automatically dispatched to your home
  • Quick estimate and photos provided
  • Avoid post-storm service congestion–get your insurance claim in first!