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Best Types of Roofs For Coastal Areas

Unlike many other areas of the United States, coastal areas require a different type of roofing to deal with the weather of the area. Though beautiful for much of the year, coastal weather can some times be very harsh. The roofing materials, that are used on a house in a coastal area, such as West Palm Beach roofing, must be able to withstand high speed wind, salt, storms, and many other elements. The material needs to be durable enough to not fall apart under these environmental pressures.

Metal Roofing

Steel panels constructed using galvanized steel, 24 gauge steel, 26 gauge steel, or standing seam steel, are not only strong but offer protection from salt and feasting insects. There are a variety of options in colors, textures, finishes, and coatings that can be applied to steel roofs in order to improve their appearance and strength. Coatings, such as galvalume or stone, are optimal in these areas.

There are other metal roofing options, aside from steel. Roofing can be done using aluminum, zinc, or copper. Each of these metals also offers superior corrosion resistance to salt and sea spray.

Metal roofing is one of the best roofing solutions for coastal areas. It is fire-resistant, insect-resistant, corrosion-resistant, relatively inexpensive, highly customizable, recyclable, and energy efficient when utilized with the right technology.

It needs to be noted that metal roofs can be expensive, depending on the type of roofing that you choose to use. The type of metal roofing you choose can also impact the amount of noise that the roof makes when it is raining. Though coastal areas do not experience many hail storms, you should also be aware that metal roofing can dent during these storms.

Clay and Slate Tiles

Much like metal roofing, clay tiles are recyclable, corrosion-resistant, and fire-resistant. In high speed winds, clay and slate tiles prove themselves to be wind-resistant as well. Slate tiles weigh more than clay tiles and metal, but also last longer; over 100 years in many cases.

To prevent flooding on a home’s roof, flashing needs to be done before the installation of clay and slate tiles is complete. Both clay and slate tiles can be expensive, and need to meet certain government regulations in order to be used legally. If you need to have your roof serviced, subsequent to getting either clay or slate tiles, the roofer will need to be careful as both types of tiles are fragile and may crack under loading.

Cedar Shakes

Wood roofs are utilized mostly in the coastal areas of the northeast United States, but they are great for Florida. Roofs constructed using cedar shakes are corrosion-resistant and resistant to very high speed winds.

Ceder shakes do not have as much longevity as clay tiles, slate tiles, or metal. Additionally, cedar shake roofs need to undergo maintenance routinely in order to ensure that the roof is structurally sound. Pre-treatment is also necessary if you wish to make sure that your roof is fire-resistant and insect-resistant.

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