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West Palm Beach Roof Replacement

As a homeowner, you will make many important decisions regarding maintenance and repair for your home. One of those decisions, replacing the roof, can cause stress and frustration because you may not be aware of all the requirements needed to complete a successful job. Gustafson Roofing, the local expert roofing company in West Palm Beach, helps you feel more at ease when the time comes to replace your roof. Understanding the the installation of a roof, choosing your preferred material, and maintaining a budget are all factors that should be taken into consideration.

Getting Started

Planning to install a new roof will start with deciding the material you will use to construct it. At our company, we can help guide you to pick the best choice for your home. Understanding what your budget will allow, and how long you want your roof to last, are both important considerations in deciding what type of roof design you will pick. Our roofing services for your home are truly limitless. Whether you want to install commonly used asphalt shingles, or if you prefer something like a tile or metal roof system, Gustafson Roofing can make it happen! Contact us today when it is time to get your new roof. We will help you every step of the way.

The Installation

After carefully selecting the material and design you wish to use, the following steps generally happen next:

Removing and Hauling the Old Roof

You can expect that your home will be noisy for a few days. Contractors will be working to remove the old roof to get it ready for a new installation.

Installing a New Roof System

Depending on the type of material you selected, it could a few days to get the roof completely installed.

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Safety Check and Final Details

Once your roof is completely finished, a check will be completed to ensure all unnecessary debris is removed to ensure your roof looks impeccable. In addition, our professionals will perform a safety check to everything is completely free from any danger.


You can discuss in detail with a contractor about the specific details that will add expense to a roof. However, two major factors will be considered with roof expenses. First, the roofing material you choose can sway prices, depending on your preferences. In addition, the size of your roof can increase the expense if it is larger.
Getting the Most from Your New Roof

So what happens after you have a properly installed roof? It can be assumed that you want the longest lifespan possible for your roof. At Gustafson Roofing, we ensure that all homeowners can have this opportunity. A properly maintained roof will surely add more years of life to your roof and save money. Even minor issues, if not properly taken care of, can become bigger problems quickly if they are neglected. You can learn more about our maintenance program that will also give you discounts on future roof repair and maintenance.

West Palm Beach Roof Replacement

Improper roof installation can truly be a nightmare for anyone that owns a home. Not only did you spend much money, but you run the risk of unnecessary repairs later on that could have been prevented. Who would want shingles blowing off their roof after only a few years? Gustafson Roofing truly stands by our commitment to excellence and customer service. When it is time to replace your roof, “we’ve got you covered.”