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West Palm Beach Roof Materials

When it comes time to install a new roof, being educated about different types of roofing materials can help a homeowner make the best decision possible. Installing a roof is a big decision, and Gustafson Roofing West Palm Beach roofers helps our customers become more knowledgeable about different roofing options. The following is a general guide of commonly used roofing materials, and what you can expect from each one.

Asphalt Shingles

The asphalt shingle is the most prevalent type of roofing material used on a roof. Most homeowners opt for this material because installation is relatively easy. You can choose from an array of different colors to match the exterior of your home. Choosing asphalt shingles are less expensive per square foot when compared to other materials. Although this is a cheaper option, it may not last as long as other roofing materials.

Tile Roofs

While tile roofing is not as common as asphalt shingles, you should expect to get a longer lifespan when using this material.

Concrete Tile

Concrete Tile- If you are looking to reflect the hot Florida sun, concrete tile is a great choice. You could also save a lot of money on your energy bill during the hot summer months.

Clay Tile

Clay Tile- This is more expensive than concrete tile, but it can last for 50 years or more.

Metal Roofs

If you are searching for a material that will last as long as your home, then a metal roof could be your answer. Metal roofs are incredibly durable because they can withstand all the harsh elements of Mother Nature, such as rain, ice, and snow. This is another great option for the brutal sun in Florida. Metal reflects the sun’s rays and keeps your home cooler with less work from your air conditioning system. Metal roofs have numerous qualities that are appealing to homeowners. However, they can be more expensive because of the its longevity. Gustafson Roofing offers a financing program that helps our customers get the roofing project they desire.

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Slate Roofing Tile

A truly stunning material once installed, many homeowners will choose this option for the artistry and charm. Similar to asphalt shingles, slate roofing can offer a variety of color choices. In comparison, slate tiles can last much longer than asphalt shingles. Choosing this material can also help prevent a house fire because slate is basically fireproof. One drawback can be the difficulty of the installation, but choosing a professional contractor can help you feel more at ease that the job will be done correctly.

Synthetic Options

Synthetic materials can be used to look exactly like the natural product, but are often less expensive. In addition, the material weighs less and can be easier to maintain. You do not have worry about compromising appearance because synthetic materials can be just as appealing. Gustafson Roofing helps our customers have a roof pleasing to the eye no matter what material they choose.

Cedar Roofing

Choosing a roof made comprised of cedar wood is a choice for the homeowner who prefers a more natural look. This material is also a great insulator, which can make your home more energy efficient. While it can last longer than the traditionally used asphalt shingle, more maintenance and care is needed to prevent the growth of mold.

Whatever material you decide to use, Gustafson Roofing can help you make the best decision for your home based on preference and budget. At our company, we strive to help our customers be highly informed of all their roofing choices.