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The average asphalt shingles roof lasts 20 – 25 years, but only when it is well-maintained. Improper care and that very same roof may provide only half that life expectancy, not to mention a slew of problems along the way. It is important to maintain your roof if you expect durability and longevity. As a West Palm Beach homeowner, it is imperative to take extra caution to protect your roof. Strong winds, falling trees, thunderstorms, and an array of other weather-related damage threatens the existence of your roof and your home. A roof tune-up from one of our qualified roofing experts alleviates the concerns altogether and provides the assurance that your roof is in the best condition, despite the weather conditions that mother nature throws your way.

Gustafson Roofing is one of the best roofers in West Palm Beach, having earned the trust of many homeowners in the area over the years by always going above and beyond. As homeowners ourselves, we understand the stress that comes when your home isn’t in pristine condition. We want to eliminate those worries and provide you the assurance that your roof is always in the best condition. A roof inspection puts back the peace of mind that you’ve lost. Our skilled roofing inspectors evaluate every inch of your roof, looking for even the smallest signs of trouble. It is those small problems that quickly cause big damages. We leave no problems behind.

Roof RepairRoof Maintenance, Cheaper Than Roof Repair

Roof repair costs West Palm Beach homeowners an average of $770. While this amount is a far cry from the thousands of dollars a new roof costs, a few repairs during the year quickly adds up to an excessive amount of money, not to mention the hassles of hiring a roofing repair company. Once the roof needs regular repairs and expert attention, it is safe to say that it has reached its life expectancy and needs replaced. Roof maintenance prevents the need for such repairs. Our skilled roofing experts thoroughly evaluate your roof, looking for any signs of trouble. We’ll provide a detailed report of the roof condition, offer our advice for service, and help you sustain the roof on your home.

A long-lasting roof free of damage is the biggest benefit of regular roof maintenance. Our roofing experts ensure that you’re not shelling out hundreds of dollars every few months to make roof repairs. However, the improved aesthetic appeal of the roof is an advantage that any homeowner will appreciate. A beautiful home starts at the top of the roof that secures the property. Missing or loose shingles, cracks, and holes, and other damage can leave a bad taste in your mouth and diminish the overall impression that your home leaves on others. Why allow the curb appeal of your home to suffer when we can inspect the roof and ensure that your house looks great from top to bottom?

A DIY roof inspection is an option. Don’t make the same mistake that so many other homeowners before you make and assume that you’ll save money and time performing your own inspection. The untrained eye will miss many of the dangers that lurk beneath the surface, leaving their roof and home susceptible to damage and an array of potential problems. Furthermore, most homeowners lack the necessary equipment and tools to properly inspect their roof. Our team of experts knows exactly what to look for when inspecting the roof and have all of the items need to successfully and thoroughly make that inspection. It is much cheaper when our roofing experts inspect the roof and make a detailed diagnosis of their findings.

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Why endure the headache and expense of constant roofing repairs when it makes more sense to call Gustafson Roofing to perform roof maintenance? Our expert roofers are trained to find even the smallest roof damage, whether it is small cracks or the beginning stages of mold growth. We are a top roofing maintenance contractor in West Palm Beach, an honor that we’ve earned by consistently providing our customers top-notch, high-quality service for all of their roofing needs. No matter the type, size, age, or materials on your roofing system, our experts have the skills necessary to keep it fully efficient and operational for a long time ahead.

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