Tile Glazing

Tile glazing is an important step in the health and appearance of your roof. Especially in places where it rains often, tile glazing can help to seal out water and maintain the color of your roof in spite of the elements.

The process of tile glazing is comparable to a dentist visit for your roof. In the process of glazing your roof tiles, a professional and licensed roof contractor will come out to your home. They will inspect your roof tiles and give them a thorough cleaning before glazing them. This process ensures the health of your roof before locking in the color and locking out water.

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Tile glazing is more effective than pressure washing or paint because these processes are very short lived. Unfortunately, painting and pressure washing also aid in the deterioration of your roof. Paint only functions for a few years when exposed to the elements before it starts to chip. And pressure washing creates small nicks in the tile surface, which are breeding grounds for bacteria and mold.

The process of tile glazing leaves your tiles with a slick surface and seals in whatever color you choose. Tiles glazing also lasts longer than paint and much longer than pressure washing when it comes to the appearance of your roof.

Benefits Of Getting Tile Glazed

Tile glazing allows for you to change the appearance of you roof without replacing your roof. A wide range of colors are available that are sealed in with the glaze. Because of the glazing process, the color is locked in, lasting longer than paint.

The process of tile glazing adds a protective barrier between your roof and the elements in a way that paint and other sealing services can’t. Pressure cleaning, or painting your roof, are very temporary fixes to making your roof look nice, but the process damages your roof over time. Paint also starts to chip and dirt will reaccumulate.

In addition to the health of your roof and the cost savings, tile glazing can also improve the overall look of your roof. Roof tiles start to get dirty and dulled over time. However, glazing your tiles allows you to revitalize your roof, giving it a whole new look.

Proper Tile Maintenance

Because of everything your roof is exposed to, it’s not surprising that small damages may occur. Solving small problems before they become bigger problems saves you time, money, and frustration.
Proper tile maintenance involves a professional and licensed roof contractor coming out every eight to ten years to inspect your roof tiles. Your roof will be cleared of any debris and reglazed if necessary. This maintenance is important for protecting your roof from bigger problems and avoiding roof repair projects.

Proper maintenance also prevents the chance for interior home issues and the need for unexpected repairs caused by imperfections in your roof. Your trained professional will also ensure there is no mold, mildew, or bacteria present on your roof.

Call The Experts!

Tile glazing ensures of your roof is well-maintained for years. Your roof glazing can last up to 12 years with proper care! Tile glazing is more effective than paint, pressure cleaning, or other roof restoration techniques. It is also cheaper in the long run and lasts longer than any other service.

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. At Gustafson Roofers, we’re here to help you with any of your tile glazing, reglazing, and maintenance needs.