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Showcase Your Florida Roof with Elegant Roof Tile Glazing

Today, numerous lovely homes and commercial buildings in Florida maintain terra cotta-style tile roofs. This durable roofing material offers long lasting protection against the elements. Tile glazing enhances curb appeal; we offer this service to help maintain roofs in an attractive condition more easily. This brief article discusses roof tile glazing in general, and highlights some reasons to consider requesting this service with Gustafson Roofing.

The Fascinating History of Roofing Tiles

First, it seems important to note tile roofs provide one of the oldest, and most trusted, roofing systems. Early civilizations discovered advantages in roofing with glazed clay tiles. In ancient China, builders for centuries constructed durable roofs using this material.

During the Song and Qing Dynasties, glazing tiles first before using them on palace roofs gained popularity. The glazing process helped color the tiles. It also offered an extra level of protection against water damage. (1)

An Important Innovation: Cement Tiles

Shortly after the invention of cement, tile makers discovered they could stain this material to create cement roofing tiles which resembled clay tiles.(2) Cement resisted water better than clay. Plus, it did not absolutely require glazing in a kiln (thus permitting less expensive production). These tiles also lasted for decades.

After curing the cement, some manufacturers applied glazes in the factory. Yet since cement requires a lengthy curing period before glazing, this practice became less frequent during the Twentieth Century.(3) Currently, many roofing tiles available on the commercial marketplace today actually consist of cured (but unglazed) cement.

Problems with Unglazed Cement Roofing Tiles

Cement tiles do indeed offer a long useful anticipated lifespan. However, modern property owners discover some disadvantages using these products in an unglazed condition. As ancient Chinese builders realized, glazing helps enhance water resistance. It also contributes a beautiful, tough sheen to the surface. Glazing covers the exterior of the tile with an additional hard, protective layer.

The surface of cement typically contains numerous fine pores. While cement generally resists water better than clay, it does over time tend to darken as a result of windblown dust and air pollution. Power washing offers an unsatisfying solution to this problem. While intense water pressure will indeed remove dirt from cement tiles, technicians risk damaging the outer layers of the cement as they blast away embedded dirt. Fortunately, an excellent new solution exists: post-construction roof tile glazing!

Our Cement Tile Glazing Services

We assist customers by applying a glaze to cement roofing tiles. Today in Florida, our service helps showcase many fine roofs. The glazing process causes the surface of tiles to become more resistant to both water penetration and unwanted discoloration.

Long lasting and attractive, cement tile roofs command enduring interest from property owners. When glazed, these roofs require minimal maintenance. The glaze forms a hard outer surface which helps keep colors vibrant and lustrous.

The Benefits of Glazing Cement Tile Roofs

We use a recent technology which enables us to coat cement roofing tiles with a glaze. It helps protect the surface while enhancing tile colors. Our proprietary system involves applying a safe brush-on (or spray-on) cleaning agent first. We then coat the roof with a durable glaze. The beautiful results of this process speak for themselves!

Property owners appreciate the ease of maintaining these glazed cement roofs. The coatings we apply last in most situations for over a decade. Glazing helps maintain cement tile roofs in a water-resistant and eye catching beautiful condition! To learn more about this exciting process, simply contact us at 561-880-3456. We look forward to speaking with you!

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