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What Should Homeowners Know About Roof Maintenance and Inspections?

A roof is meant to protect your home from the onslaught of rain, snow, and ice, which can lead to water damage. Maintenance is the most important part in preventing roof repair. Although a shingled roof can last around twenty years, it needs to be properly maintained. Without proper maintenance, a roof is more likely to become damaged and its lifespan will be lessened. We recommend our customers have their roofs inspected at least once a year, to ensure no damage has occurred.

What Is Involved in the Inspection?

When we inspect a customer’s roof, our goal is to check every component for any damage, no matter how minute. Minor damage can quickly lead to major damages, so early intervention is a must.

One of the first steps we take is to check the layers of the roof, to ensure their integrity has not been compromised. We will check the roof membrane for any splits or blistering, which could indicate the membrane has been compromised in some way and is allowing water to pass through.

Using special thermograph equipment, we will surmise if the roof is offering full protection or allowing moisture to seep into the decking and insulation below. Using this method is the most effective means of checking the roof layers. If the layers of the roof are allowing water to infiltrate the decking and insulation, repairs or a replacement need to be considered immediately.

We also inspect the roof dividers for any signs of damage, along with the flashings that are placed around the chimney and vents. These areas are some of the first to become damaged. If these areas are not effectively fastened and sealed, they could lead to internal water damage in the home.

What Is Involved in Roof Maintenance?

One of the biggest and most important steps in roof maintenance is having a yearly inspection carried out. In addition to inspections, we also recommend other forms of maintenance, so your roof will last as long as possible.

  • Cleaning the roof on a regular basis is essential for preventing damage. Leaves, limbs, and other debris can cause problems with a roof.
  • Minor damage repairs will help to keep your roof in sound shape, so further damage can be avoided.
  • Removing mold and algae growth is also vital. These allow moisture to become trapped, leading to damage. They also make your roof look less attractive.
  • Cleaning debris from the gutters and downspouts is also integral for keeping a roof properly maintained.
  • We check for missing caulk and other types of maintenance issues so your roof is secure.

Our Inspection and Maintenance Services Keep Your Roof Secure

We offer both inspection and maintenance services to help our customers keep their roofs as strong as possible. We will come out and fully inspect your roof, offering you a detailed report of our findings and recommendations. In addition to inspections, we also offer the following maintenance services.

  • Gusta-Cide is a treatment that removes mold and algae growth and protects against new growth.
  • Membrane coatings can be put in place to seal your roof and offer added protection against leaks.
  • Our hurricane readiness services help to prepare your roof for high winds.

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