Recovering a failed Elastomeric System on a flat roof

An Elastomeric Coating is just a fancy way to say liquid rubber coating. These coatings are extremely effective in solving roof leaks on virtually any type of roof. While a rubber coating is thought to last a long time, there are a lot of situations where we are called out to recover a failed elastomeric system.

The first step in the recovery and re-administration of a failed elastomeric system is a good wash. As with most roofing projects of this sort, it makes sense to pressure wash the area you will be working on before you get knee deep into a project. This help things move efficiently and smoothly.

Its common for flat roofs to have ponding water, this is one of the main reasons to apply an elastomeric coating in the first place. Often times water will pool up and without the rubber coating, you would have devastating damage to your roof.There are times though that the drainage for the roof is so clogged that the ponding water doesn’t subside, and will eventually eat away at the rubber areas. This is when you will need to recover your failed elastomeric system.

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Recovery isn’t just as simple as just apply more coats. After the pressure wash, you need to use a liquid rubber sealer to essentially glue down the old coating, and also allow good adhesion for the next coat. After that be sure to pay extra attention to any vents/pipes/AC stands/Flashing and be sure any spaces are covered completely. Depending on each individual situation, it is often times a good idea to install “breather” vents to help eliminate any moisture that can build up underneath the roof substrate.

The next step is to roll on your liquid rubber, lay down a fabric mesh on top, smooth it, then apply a second coat. Be sure to reinforce the areas that were ponding. After everything has been given time to set, the final coat is added and you are left with a finished product. Be sure to always keep track of your roof and the areas that pool. With regular maintenance  from a roofing Boynton Beach comapny you can prevent the need for a full scale recovery on your elastomeric system.