There are many options when it comes to roofing materials, but here in Florida, two of the most popular options are shingles and tile roofing. Which one should you pick then? 

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Should You Pick Shingles or Tile Roofing?


Ultimately, tile will cost you a lot upfront. Since they’re most costly, if you have any issues with them or need any repairs, you will need to pay a little bit more too. This isn’t necessarily because of the tiles themselves, but because of how they’re installed.

By contrast, shingles are usually one of the most inexpensive options. If you’re on a budget, shingles might be your best bet then.


Keep in mind that while you are spending more money on tiles, they last a very long time. You don’t really need to do much for these tiles unless one gets broken and needs repairs. Often, the only time you’ll need any repairs is when you have cracked tiles that occur from debris. Overall, you can expect tile roofs to withstand harsh weather better than shingles, although you have to be prepared for a more costly repair if needed.

Shingles are good for pretty much all roof shapes, come in all different types of qualities, and can still last for many years. Keep in mind that they may crack or fade, but replacement is fairly inexpensive. It’s easier and less costly to repair small sections of the roof. Also, keep in mind that asphalt shingles tend to face issues with algae and moss, which means more cleaning than tile roofs.

The Structure of Your Home

Ultimately, your home has to be able to withstand whatever roofing option you choose. This means that if you choose tile, your home has to be able to manage its weight. Tile is heavy, after all, so if you have an older home, it might not be able to hold up under a lot of tiles.  

In this case, you may want to call a roofing professional like us to see whether your home can stand up without reinforcement or added framing.


Tiles are so expensive partly due to the material itself but also because the installation is much more difficult. They’re physically sealed onto your roof, which is also why replacement can get expensive.

By contrast, shingles are installed much more easily, which means less preparation for your roof and less cost for the actual installation.


You want your roofing material to match your home. Tiles are made out of either concrete or clay and can come in many different types of styles—historical styles, Spanish, and Mediterranean. They come in various colors too, which won’t fade over time.

Shingles are a popular choice too because they also come in a variety of colors, although you are more limited as there are not many different styles.

Other Factors

You might spend more money on your tile roof upfront, but keep in mind that it might not cost you as much long term. Tiles are so sturdy that they may make your home insurance less expensive. If you’re concerned about reducing your energy costs, tiles are good since they keep hot air out more efficiently, thereby reducing your air conditioning costs.

Shingles can do a lot for your home, like protect your home from UV rays. The fiberglass shingle option is fire resistant, UV ray resistant, and made with a waterproof binding to keep your home safe.


Ultimately, both of these options are great choices with different pros and cons to each of them. In Florida, you must ensure your roofing choice can withstand volatile and harsh weather. Besides this consideration, you’ll also need to choose the best one for your style and budget. 

Our roofing experts work with Florida homeowners to help them decide which roofing type is the best for them. After you choose your tiling option, we’ll guide you along as you choose between the available style and color options. Call us today to book your consultation with us and let us give you the advice you need.

Michael Gustafson

Michael Gustafson

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