Not all roofs are made equal. Or, at the very least, not all roofs can withstand the hot Florida weather, the storms or hurricanes, and the humidity. Your roof is a significant investment, so instead of picking any material and needing to replace too many sections over time, which type of roofing material is the most durable?

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What Type of Roof is the Most Durable?

Your roof needs to be able to withstand any weather. Putting aside the fact that any roof you get needs to be installed properly to last, your roofing material does indeed matter. 

Metal Roof

Metal roofs have a long lifespan and are popular for their wind resistance. In Florida, though, you want to make sure that you choose an aluminum roof rather than a galvanized steel roof since the amount of salt in the air will not be good for the galvanized type.

Generally, these metal roofs last for a while, and since aluminum is so easy to work with, the installation and repair process should go smoothly. You can even choose the color you want the roof to be depending on your home, but the important part is that these roofs are less susceptible to damage and may be your least expensive option over time.

Shingle Roof

Generally, architectural shingles have a longer lifespan than 3-tab shingles. How durable your shingle roof is will depend on the condition of the shingles, their installation, and how well you care for the roof.

All shingles are not the same, after all. In fact, there are different qualities and thicknesses of shingles. Thicker shingles that are installed properly can even hold up to strong hurricane winds.

Tile Roof

When it comes to tile roofs, there are two most common types: clay and concrete. Clay tiles have a distinct look to them that some homeowners prefer. To get the most out of them, you need to ensure that you perform more regular maintenance to keep them in good condition. This means inspecting them twice a year and being willing to pay for more costly repairs over time.

While they may be most costly to repair, though, since they are more susceptible to damage, you can easily prolong the life of your roof through some regular upkeep. 

Concrete tiles are suitable for any climate and are wind, hail, and fire-resistant. They tend to be heavier, putting more pressure on your roof structure. Concrete tiles require lesser upkeep and are also easier to repair since they are individually installed.

Overall, both clay and concrete tile roofing are made to last. They cope well with the climate in Florida and are resistant to strong winds.


Regardless of the type of roof you choose, you do need to have regular maintenance done on the roof, ideally every year for most roof types and twice a year for a clay tile roof. The main thing that will affect your roof negatively is improper upkeep which causes deterioration.

Call a roofing professional like us to ensure that we get all the leaks or missing shingles and prevent minor problems from evolving into more significant problems. Other maintenance work like cleaning your gutters regularly, trimming your trees, and keeping your roof free of any moss or leaves are just as crucial.

Ultimately, maintaining your roof regularly will do a lot to keep your roof in good condition and will undoubtedly be less expensive than a full replacement due to extreme deterioration.


There are three popular roof types in Florida, all of which can withstand the weather and protect your home well. Ultimately, which roofing type you choose also depends on how well you will be able to maintain it because maintenance is one of the most crucial factors in helping your roof last.

Michael Gustafson

Michael Gustafson

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