Hurricane season is inevitable here in Florida. Each year, you’re worried about the storms that might damage your roof and leave your home struggling to fight the weather. Making sure your house is prepared for a hurricane before one actually hits is vital to protecting your roof and home, but how can you know what to do?

1. Roof Inspection

The very first thing you can do to help prepare your roof for hurricane season is to get a roof inspection. To be sure your roof is in the best shape possible, you should hire a professional Boynton Beach roofer. Having your roof professionally inspected can save your lots of money in the future should there be something wrong with your roof.

The best time to get your roof inspected is well before hurricane season, but as the saying goes, better late than never. It’s recommended you get your roof inspected at least twice a year, both before and after hurricane season, in order to catch any problem areas that may appear suddenly.

2. Regular Roof Maintenance

It’s important you maintain your roof regularly. This can be as simple as cleaning your gutters and drains or as much as hiring a roofing company to do a full maintenance job on your roof. Either way, make sure you are cleaning out gutters and drains and checking for loose or missing shingles regularly.

Cleaning away debris and trash that gets stuck in your roof is also important. Not only does it make your house look a little trashy, it can cause problems during hurricane season and even just regular storms. When you hire a professional, they’ll also take care of any weak spots in your roof and notify you of any problem areas around things like vents and skylights.

3. Clean Around Your Home

In order to protect your roof, you have to make sure there’s nothing around it that could cause damage. Hurricane winds can get as high as 155 mph. These winds can tear trees up out of the ground and even large bushes could cause problems.

Before the first hurricane, do a scan around your house. If there are any trees around, make sure to trim branches and check for any heavy branches that could break off and cause damage.

If your neighbors have a tree you are worried about, ask them if they’d be willing to trim it. If your neighbors refuse and you’re still worried about it, offer to have it done for them. Paying a little extra to have a tree branch cut could save you even more in roofing bills in the future.

4. Check Insurance

Every home should have home insurance, but in Florida, it’s important you have insurance that covers hurricane damage as well. Before hurricane season even begins, check your insurance policy or call an agent to make sure your home is covered even in the worst case scenario.

Ask about the deductible and make sure you have a clear understanding about how much damage is covered before you have to pay the rest. The last thing you want to deal with after a hurricane is finding out your insurance doesn’t cover much in terms of hurricane damage and you have to pay a fortune to fix your home.

Our Hurricane Readiness Program

When it comes to hurricanes here in Florida, it really isn’t a matter of IF. It’s an inevitable fact of WHEN. And we all know that hurricanes are nothing to mess with. Our Hurricane Readiness Program will give you peace of mind by giving you priority scheduling in the event of an emergency. You also won’t have to give us a call; we automatically send out our technician to your home to inspect your roof for any damages.

As part of our Hurricane Readiness Program, we help you to get your insurance claim in first so you can avoid post-storm service congestion.

Don’t just leave your home at risk: enquire with us today and start the process of protecting your home from hurricane damage!

Michael Gustafson

Michael Gustafson

Gustafson Roofing is a local, family-owned roofing company that has been serving the Boynton Beach, Florida area since 1948. As one of the most experienced roofing contractors in the region, Gustafson Roofing provides a full range of roofing services, from installation of new roofing systems to repairs and maintenance. They are experts in roof replacements, installing various types of roofs, including asphalt shingle, metal, tile, and flat roofs. In addition to reroofing, the company offers roof leak repairs and inspection services to keep clients’ roofs protected. With over 60 years in business, Gustafson Roofing prides itself on quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.