How to prepare your home for your roof repair

As a homeowner, it’s best to do the prep work ahead of time when it comes to your roof repair. This will save yourself (and your Boynton Beach roof repair contractors) the hassle later. If you’ve never been in a building while roof repairs are taking place, get ready. There are plenty of unexpected side effects of getting your roof fixed. Granted, they’re all part of the process. It’s just much easier for everyone, and more comfortable for yourself, if you do a little bit to get ready.

How to prepare your home for your roof repair

How should you get ready when you’re about to have your roof fixed? Take a look at these staples for a smoother repair process.

Remember that there’s a lot of vibration

Roof repairs won’t hurt the rest of your house, but there is a lot of vibration, especially in the walls closest to the roof. People are moving, tools are running, and your walls take some of the impact. Take pictures off the walls, especially in the levels closest to the roof. If you have display cabinets, or shelving with fragile items, it’s best to move those, or at least the items on them.

Clear outside areas

Having your roof repaired doesn’t just affect the inside of your home. It’s best to clear out and tidy up the outside too. It’ll make it easier for your contractor to access the roof, and prevent accidental damage to things outside. If you typically park in the driveway, leave that spot open and park on the street.

Not only is it common courtesy since your contractor will need their tools, it also prevents dust, debris, and tools from accidental damage. Likewise, you don’t want any debris from new or old roofing hitting grills or plants. If possible, move them away and into a shed or under a deck.

Help your repairmen work

When you hire someone to work on your roof, you’re not expected to actually take part in the repair. However, if you give them space to work, and the resources they need, it’s a much smoother process. Make sure you keep trees in shape, and prune away branches that may obstruct their work. They need to access power outlets too, so make sure you know where all your outside outlets are.

Prepare for the noise

Roof repair can be noisy. For a single adult, that may not be such a big issue. If you have kids or pets, that’s another issue. Try and prepare everyone in the home for the coming noise, and adjust your schedules if needed. Tip: while it isn’t necessary, giving your neighbors a head’s up is just a good thing to do. Even if you don’t have kids or pets, chances are your neighbors do. They’ll appreciate the notice, and the opportunity to prepare their own households, or adjust their own schedules.


Roof repair doesn’t need to be a big deal, although it’s an improvement you can look forward to. If you know how to get your home, family, and neighbors prepared, it’s a much easier, much smoother process overall. Remember to move and cover fragile items, and keep the area clean. After that, you can look forward to a new, repaired roof.

Michael Gustafson

Michael Gustafson

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