Happy Holidays from Gustafson Industries!

With the year coming to an end we want to remind you that through the course of this year your roof was exposed to rain, wind, heat, sun, hail, etc. The exposure of these conditions can become detrimental if not cared for properly and inspected yearly. With your roof being the most expensive home investment we highly recommend becoming part of the Annual RoofLife Maintenance Inspection (ARMI) program. With the ARMI you will have an experienced roof technician complete a detail inspection, clean debris from gutters/valleys/crickets, and repair/replace up to 10 tiles. This inspection is sent directly to you along with photos, as well as kept in your customer file in our database. These reports have become useful with our customers when having to validate insurance claims. Call us today to learn more about extending the life of your roof by being proactive with our ARMI program.