Benefits of Tiled vs. Shingled Rooftops

When it comes to putting a new roof on your home there are plenty of things that you should consider, but the first should be what material that you want to use.  Technology these days has come a long way when it comes to what you can use on your roof.  You can choose from the traditional shingled roofing, tin roofing, tile roofing or even the less popular but still possible “living” roof that is basically a flat roof with growing grasses on it.  The two main materials are going to be tile and shingled and today we are going to look at the benefits of each as a choice that you can make for your roof repair.

Before you get too far, there are plenty of factors that might play into what material you are going to use.  Besides the overall cost, where you live can play a part in the decision, as well as the overall climate that your new roof is going to be subjected to.  Tile roofs are much more expensive, but there is typically a reason for that.  The tile roof is more durable, usually about two times the life expectancy of a shingled roof, but that will also come with a price tag that is about double.  Tile roofs that are put up in a high wind and bad weather locale can really maintain themselves, whereas the shingled roof would be subject to the high winds and bad weather that can tear shingles right off your roof.

Tile is much more durable than shingles, and can withstand just about any weather giving you piece of mind that you will not have to worry about your roof for years after the initial installation.  Tile roofs are good conductors, allowing most weather byproducts to slide off the roof and perform very well overall in any conditions.  If you are considering a shingled roof, you are looking at a 30 year longevity difference, but it might come down to price at the time you made the decision.  Shingles are going to come in a variety of colors and sometimes companies have offered different types of designs that are a little more fun to look at over the  long term.

When you’re looking for a specific material for your next roof repair or re-roofing project, there are expert Boynton Beach roofers that can help you with your decision.

There are other resources if you’d like to learn more about tile roofing and shingle roofing.

Michael Gustafson

Michael Gustafson

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