What Types of Materials will a Boynton Beach Roofer use?

As the top Boynton Beach Roofer Gustafson Roofing, Inc. knows, a person erecting a structure will often have many choices to make from the design of the building to the materials they will use in the construction process. Among the choices are what type of material they will use to protect the top of the structure. Some of the things to consider are the cost, durability, and appearance of the products they will use when a roofer installs the roof. Here is a comparison of some of the more popular products people use.

The type that most people are familiar with is shingles made out of asphalt. They usually come in black, but one can find them in other colors. These shingles are often the less expensive to purchase and can be easily placed on the building. Most will last for around twenty years, but some styles are manufactured to last nearly four decades.

Some homeowners may elect to use cedar shingles instead of asphalt ones. This gives the home a soft appearance that is pleasing to many people. They will also last for a couple of decades before they might need replacing. An advantage cedar offers is that they are environmental friendly for those interested in protecting the environment.

Metal is used on some buildings. This generally comes as interlocking panels that an installer connects together. These are useful in areas where there is a lot of rain and snow. They offer better protection than most other materials in wet climates. These panels will cost more than asphalt. The metal usually lasts for about three decades.

In arid places like the desert where the sun beats down most days, some people will use clay or concrete tiles. These substances both hold up well against the sun and will last for many years. The one major concern is that they also weigh a lot. If a person is putting them on a building that has been around for awhile, they need to made sure the framing can hold the additional weight.

For the most expensive homes, slate is an option. This material lends an air of sophistication to a structure and helps make it look elegant. These shingles are also the most expensive to purchase and install. However, they also last for close to a century and a half before they will need replacement under normal conditions. One should also expect to pay more to have these installed.

Rubber and tar is used primarily for commercial establishments. The installation usually requires more equipment than installing tiles and a work crew is often necessary to complete the job. Rubber should be avoided in wetter climates since it is very hard to seal properly.

A person needs to think about what they want in a roof. There are many different types and style that can erect. If one has any doubts or questions, they may wish to speak to a professional Boynton Beach Roofer such as Gustafson Roofing, Inc. to get their answers.

Michael Gustafson

Michael Gustafson

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