Roof Life Lengthening Tips

Regular and proper preventative roof maintenance is important in extending the life of your roof. This is the best way to safeguard against necessitating roof replacement. Whether your roof is made of ceramic tiles, shingles, slate, or metal; there are simple measures that can be taken to ensure that your roof continues to provide optimal protection for a very long time. Let us examine some of these measures:
•    Check gutters regularly to ensure that they are free of debris, in good repair, and have no blockage. Leaf guards can also be added to gutters.
•    Ensure that flashing around chimneys, where the roof meets a wall, or around vent pipes are in good repair and properly secured
•    Check rafters under the roof for signs of mold, rot, crack, looseness or sagging, or leak
•    Remove and properly clean moss, algae, lichen, and mold from the roof
•    Trim tree limbs and branches so that they do not overhang the roof
•    Ensure that a professional inspection is done at least twice per year
•    Ensure that chimney masonry is not cracked and is properly sealed
•    Apply aluminized or latex roof coating to shingles
•    Ensure that there is proper attic ventilation
•    Check that vents are not blocked
•    Replace or repair loose shingles
If for any reason safety or fear of heights is an issue when performing any of these preventative maintenance measures; call on a professional roofer to get the job done efficiently, safely, and cost effectively.