Checking For Shingle Damage

It is always a good practice to check for shingle damage after a hail storm or any type of rain or wind storm. This type of early maintenance check is a preventative measure to hinder even the slightest damage from becoming worse.
With any kind of roof check, it is necessary to know what to look for and the proper ways of doing it.  Some roofs like tile often show damage more easily, however; asphalt roof might require closer examination to determine the extent of the damage to the shingles. The following are some of the signs to look for when checking for shingle damage:
•    Creasing of some of the shingles
•    Significant granule loss from the shingles
•    Flipping of the shingles: Some shingles appear to be the wrong way round
•    Bruising (indentation with fracture), punctures, broken/split edges, and torn edges
•    Dislodging of the shingles: Some shingles are moved entirely from out of their positions
•    Nail pull through: The wind has lifted the shingle from off the nails leaving nail holes in the shingles
As one can imagine, some of these roof checks will require the professional eye of a Boynton Beach roof contractor. This is so because some of the damages that occur after a storm might be on an area of the roof that is difficult to assess without proper safety equipment. For this reason, hiring a Boynton Beach roof repair service is not only cost effective but also the wise thing to do.